About Natalie

I’m Natalie Stendall, a freelance writer based in the West Midlands. I’m fascinated by cinematic storytelling and have over six years experience reviewing films for local newspapers both online and in print. My writing has been syndicated across JPI Media websites in the Midlands including the Mansfield and Ashfield Chad, the Hucknall Dispatch and the Derbyshire Times.

My features have appeared on movie website Audiences Everywhere and I have reviewed off-beat, low-budget short films and independent releases for Gorilla Film Online. I have provided events coverage for Gorilla, including coverage of Birmingham’s Flatpack Film Festival, Derby Film Fest and Sheffield Doc Fest.

My own website, WriterLovesMovies.com, explores the relationship between cinema and the novel. As part of the movie blogging community I have contributed to a wide variety of sites and my content has been featured in the digital magazine The Daily Lamb which draws its daily content from over 1,400+ member blogs.

I am currently writing a book about visual storytelling.

You can find me on Twitter @NatalieStendall