"I want to say thanks for the amazing work you've done with Flatpack [Festival]. To go to that many events and turn in such good writing in such short turnarounds is really impressive."

David Price, Gorilla Film Online

"Receiving Natalie's reviews has always been a highlight of the week and her copy is always clean, receiving very little - usually zero - subbing or alterations, such is the high quality of the writing.

The reviews are highly literate, thought-provoking, amusing, succinct and cover a wide range of releases, from mainstream movies to something a little more off the beaten track. Natalie is always very reliable and if she says you will receive a review from her on a certain day, that is what will happen, without fail.

Natalie is an extremely talented writer and her knowledge of the world of film is second to none."

Steve Eyley, Production Journalist, JPI Media



"I like the way you write about film"

Silver Screenings

"I really enjoyed your Innaritu article; its elegant structure really well-served and communicated your cogent argument... It was a really sound analysis of recurring themes in Inurritu...I learned a lot."

Burton Fisher

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Cory Varney

"What I love when I read your stuff is - not only because it is incredibly insightful - but each time I feel like I learn something, technically speaking - like a new way to interpret things that had never crossed my mind prior, new ways to describe things that I previously had trouble putting into words."

Jordan D